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About Curtis Harley's Digital Agency

How our digital agency started...

Curtis started our digital agency in 2018 (hence, the name) when he saw a massive opportunity to help business owners in Ireland transform their businesses by moving away from traditional marketing methods and adopting a digital approach. 

We’re a small digital agency with a big heart.  Too cheesy.

We’re a small digital agency based in Dublin, Ireland. We pride ourselves on providing a personal approach. You don’t need to wear your best suit or even brush your hair to come to meet with us. Our approach focuses on open, casual and fun conversations. When we get to know you, we’re getting to know your business and vice versa. Save your serious attitude for your accountant. We want to see the fun side of your business because that’s what your customers want to see. Modern marketing is not about being polished, it’s about being fun and interesting.

It's 2021 and funny equals money (poetry costs extra).

If you’ve ever placed an ad in a newspaper, on the radio or on television you know how eye-watering the cost can be. And what do you get in return? Who knows. It’s almost impossible to accurately calculate Return on Investment and you have no idea if your target audience was even reached. Switching over to digital marketing methods is not only cheaper but more effective and completely trackable. It’s a no-brainer really.
Curtis Harley’s Digital Agency specialises in implementing paid digital marketing campaigns to get your business noticed by the right crowd. Once your business has attracted a new customer we reel them in with engaging content to make them want to stick around.

The businesses we work with are usually SMEs who have achieved good organic growth up to this point but feel they need an added boost to take their business to the next level. Many of our clients had tried implementing digital marketing methods themselves but felt that it took too much time, too much effort or wasn’t getting results. That’s where we majestically enter.

We don’t just make you more visible online, we make sure you look too good to ignore. Digital platforms are becoming increasingly focused on the value you provide to your audience, but providing value often takes up more time than you’re willing to set aside for digital marketing. Running a business is a juggling act which doesn’t leave a lot of time to publish in-depth and engaging content. That’s why we’re here. We know the work and pressure that is involved in running a business. We know how many proverbial hats you’re expected to wear. We offer you the chance to take off one of those hats (the digital marketing one… and put it on us… is this metaphor working?) and focus on running your business and doing the things your customers actually pay you for.

If this all sounds good to you, get in touch now.

If this doesn’t sound good, why did you read this far?!

We look forward to helping your business take advantage of the online space.

Live long and prosper,

The Team @ Curtis Harley’s Digital Agency

Meet The Team

curtis harley

Curtis Harley

Founder | Digital Marketer

Agency owner and digital marketing enthusiast. Curtis has vast knowledge and experience across the digital landscape. Curtis loves entrepreneurship. You can find him speaking with other entrepreneurs on his podcast – Everything Entrepreneurial.


Emma Keegan

Content Marketer

Emma loves all things digital. Whether she’s writing search engine friendly blog posts or creating sweet social media content for our clients, you can be sure that whatever she’s creating is story-driven, informative and engaging.

Rachel Hogan

Social Media Marketer

Rachel is our social media marketing rockstar. She brings our client’s social media accounts to life with well-thought-out engaging content. She likes to spend her free time creating illustrations, editing video and audio clips and fangirling hard over Picture This!