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How we do the best digital marketing work for each of our clients!

Each new client we take on board is an exciting time for us here in our digital agency. It’s a chance for us to help another business succeed with their online marketing. Some businesses come to us initially for one of our services but, after working with us for a couple of months, they want us to manage all of their business’s digital marketing efforts. Our quality service is unmatched and the reassurance we give our clients through the results they see is invaluable. They can continue running their business and focus on what they’re good at while they have a dedicated team of highly-experienced digital marketing professionals putting their best foot forward and delivering real results for their business.

The icing on the cake is that they have one point of contact when it comes to their online presence. They’re not juggling multiple agencies and liaising with different agents.

Our digital marketing agency is a one-stop-shop for businesses who are looking to bring another level of growth into their business. We can help your business reach that next phase by harnessing the power of online marketing!

Why you should work with our digital marketing agency

Many small-to-medium-sized businesses come seeking our digital marketing services as they don’t have the in-house skills, time or money to look after their own digital marketing efforts.

Not only is our team highly skilled in every aspect of digital marketing but each member of our team is passionate about their craft and is committed to learning and staying ahead of the curve so we can bring you the best results possible.

Oh, did we mention most of our clients are paying less than what it costs for them to hire just ONE person internally?

Did you know the average salary for an entry-level digital marketer in Ireland is €35,000?*

*Source: Digital Marketing Institute (Ireland)

Hiring an in-house digital marketer to execute your business’s digital strategy can drain your resources and suck up a lot of your time as a business owner or manager. Not to mention that they’re only human. It can be nearly impossible for one person to stay on top of every aspect of digital marketing, let alone an entry-level digital marketer!

Creating and managing your website, running online ads, making sure your website is ranking on Google, creating and sharing content on your social media accounts. The list is never-ending. It doesn’t help that digital marketing is constantly evolving and changing so your employee needs to be constantly training and upskilling!

Hiring an employee brings additional expenses to your business:

  • Monthly wages.
  • Sick pay
  • Increased insurance rates
  • Increased rates for gas, electric etc…


It’s easy to understand why most small-to-medium-sized businesses opt to work with a digital marketing agency.

Who in their right mind wants those additional expenses and stress? 😂

When you work with us

When you work with Curtis Harley’s Digital Agency you get talented people who are passionate about digital marketing and delivering results for your business. You can live stress-free knowing your digital marketing, website and social media channels are being well looked after by a team of experts.

We don't just work with anyone...

To make sure we provide the highest level of service possible we screen each potential client to make sure that there is no overlap between them and our current clients. For example, if we work with a real estate agent in Dublin, we will not work with another real estate agent in Dublin. This is true for all industries and we feel our current clients appreciate our commitment to them.

If we haven’t convinced you to get in touch then please head to the top of the page and read our reviews and recommendations from our clients. We’re immensely proud of the business we have built so far and it has all been on the back of word of mouth and referrals from current clients. If you don’t listen to us, listen to them!