Apple Restricting Advertising Efforts

Apple aims to move away from showing personalised ads on their devices. Meaning, users’ data cannot be tracked by businesses and won’t be able to serve targeted ad campaigns.

An example would be me visiting a local pet shop’s website on my phone and looking at their dog food. Previously, if I went on to Facebook/Instagram I would be shown an ad from that pet shop about their dog food (provided they were running Facebook ads).

Not anymore. I’ll now be shown much less relevant ads in the idea of protecting my data.

Biased opinion as we are a digital marketing agency, but would most people rather be shown ads that are relevant to them rather than irrelevant ones?

This may have a major impact on how smaller businesses compete with bigger businesses.

If Apple aims to protect consumers are they not shooting themselves in the foot? All consumers need businesses (to buy goods & services, having a job to go to etc…). If they are hindering businesses from connecting with relevant audiences, would that not damage the end consumer?

Is this just a play for Apple to expand its own advertising platform? It would be a significant increase in its revenue if that was the case.

What are your thoughts on this move by Apple?

You can find a more in-depth article by Facebook here explaining what this means for businesses on their platform. Please be aware that Facebook has its own agenda and this move will deeply affect their revenue so they will have a biased opinion too (although they make a compelling argument).

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