How chatbots can help grow revenue and reduce costs for your business

First and foremost you’re probably thinking to yourself… “Curtis, what the feck is a chatbot?” And you wouldn’t be alone with that thought because chatbots are only around the last year or so.

A chatbot is basically a piece of software that understands what is being asked and can then give a response in a way that’s almost human. With the increasing demand for automation, we have seen the rise of such software being developed and used by businesses across the globe.

Speaking from my own experience, I will be referring to chatbots created specifically for the Facebook Messenger platform.

What’s unreal about Messenger chatbots is that they have the potential to transform how businesses do their marketing, sales and customer service.

Every marketer worth their salt knows that they have to go where their customers are. Today, one of those places is Messenger. Luckily, the overlords at Facebook have allowed us as business owners, marketers and advertisers use this platform to engage with our audience in a new unique and compelling way.

Not only do people go there to engage in conversations with their friends and family. It’s a place where they can engage with businesses that they love.

I just saw a really cool product/service. Oh, let me just call their hotline 1800-WHO-THIS or send an email” said nobody in 2019.

As consumers, what do we want? *INSTANT REPLIES!* When do we want them? *YESTERDAY*

Most people prefer to contact businesses through messenger for those quick and easy answers. People want information delivered in the fastest way possible. So if you can, why not try to automate some of the workload?

We are currently working to implement a chatbot within our own Facebook Messenger. If you have a minute click here to head straight to our Messenger chat. On mobile from the bottom of the Messenger chat, you will see a persistent menu. Swipe up slightly and click “What is this?” and follow the sequence.

What sets this type of marketing apart from other forms of digital marketing is that it allows businesses to have conversations with people on a platform they’re comfortable with rather than rooting around for your support page to get help.

Enough about customer service. What about making that sweet sweet dolla?

Well, having a Messenger chatbot has the potential to boost your business’s revenue!

A well thought out and developed chatbot can help customers through a sales process from start to finish. It’s literally the closest you can get to sippin’ cocktails on a tropical island while making money. Well, that’s a total joke, but I hope you get the point I’m trying to ring home.

So yeah, go check out our test chatbot and tell me what you think (linked here again).

We can’t wait to dive deeper into these to unravel the true power of automation. If you’ve built a chatbot for your business do let us know how you’ve got on and what results you’ve seen so far. We’d be really interested in that.

Thanks for reading!

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