Five Reasons Why Your Instagram Audience Isn’t Growing

Let’s face it, Instagram is boomin’ and most businesses are working hard to build up their presence on the platform. But most businesses find out that it’s not actually an easy task to grow their following. In this blog post, I’ll look at five reasons why your Instagram audience isn’t growing.

1) You’re Not Consistent

five reasons why your Instagram audience isn't growing - Not Consistent

Business owners, face the music. You’re simply not posting as frequently as you should be. Posting more often generally results in more engagement and followers. With Instagram, consistency is key.

Create a posting schedule and stick to it. This will make you more consistent and will allow you to better strategize your feed and stick to topics related to your business.

2) Your Content Is A Snore Fest

five reasons why your Instagram audience isn't growing - snore fest

Don’t worry, you’re not the only ones. It’s becoming too familiar lately. Businesses think they know what they’re doing so they play it safe, they stick to what they know. The problem is that you’re boring the life out of everyone. Your account isn’t interesting, which means your business isn’t interesting. No wonder you’re not seeing any results.

Take some risks with the content you create and try your best to show off your business’s personality and even your employees. Always try to add value with every post to your feed or on your story. Be entertaining, informative, silly, run competitions. Try just about anything EXCEPT posting a selfie that looks like it was taken on a potato (and that’s not even the worst bit, there’s no feckin’ caption to even tell us what’s going on).

3) You’re Not Engaging With Your Audience

five reasons why your Instagram audience isn't growing - ignoring

Okay, this one really pisses me off. You’ve managed to gain a small following but you don’t respond to comments or start/keep a conversation with your audience. It’s called social media for a reason numpty. There’s a real person (most of the time) on that account and you don’t bother your hole to respond to them. You are literally putting yourself out of business and more importantly, you’re not seeing the value of someone taking time out of their day to comment on your post.

Right now I want you to commit to responding to every single post, even the fake Instagram accounts. By engaging with people through your own content, you send a message to people (and to Insta’s algorithm) that you’re open to talk and be a “social” business. You should seek to start conversations and don’t just reply with vague and dead-end comments like “Thanks”.

4) You don’t interact with other accounts

five reasons why your Instagram audience isn't growing - no colloboration

If you’re sweating to grow your Instagram account, you need to reach out to other accounts and do collaborations. Get creative with it. Do IGTV with another business or person. Create a cross-promotional offer between the two businesses to stimulate business growth and to help build business relationships.

You won’t grow your Insta without other people and businesses, it’s as simple as that. The best way to grow is by growing relationships with others. Reach out to other businesses in your local area or in your industry. Reach out to influencers or customers, just make an effort to build your network.

Think of it this way, the more people you’re connected to the more likely your business’s content will be exposed to new groups of people that have never heard of your business before.

5) You haven’t optimized your profile

five reasons why your Instagram audience isn't growing - optimize

Once someone completes the setup of their business account, it pretty much stays like that forever. This is bad, so bad.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who is interacting with your business and Insta account for the first time. You have an outdated bio, a bad link, profile picture quality = potato. Your highlight section is poorly managed and has no consistency to it. This will leave a bad first impression for someone interacting with you. For you, this means no engagement, no new followers and most important no increase in revenue.

If you don’t have an Instagram business account check this out to get set up!

Final thoughts & a wrap up on Instagram

Final Thoughts

To wrap this baby up just remember to: pay attention and give your Instagram some TLC, be proactive and reach out to people, be crazy if your brand allows for it and most importantly have fun.

If you think this is too much to handle and need professional help, get in touch.

We’d be happy to help out!

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