How to Know When Your Website is Experiencing Downtime

Is Your Website Down?

Have you ever been contacted by a person who was trying to visit your website but it wasn’t available? They tell you your website is down and it was showing them some sort of error message.

This can be because of multiple reasons; your site may be hacked or else your web hosting provider’s server (the place where your website is located) may be having technical issues or else it’s been overloaded with requests.

Whatever the reason is, it means nothing at that moment in time because our brains go straight to panic mode.

So when the panic sinks in and you start thinking to yourself…

  • “How long has my website been down?”.
  • “How much money have I missed out on because of this?”.
  • “Have those website visitors gone and went to my competitors?”.

There’s no need to panic because lucky for us business owners there is a handy little free online tool called UptimeRobot that helps us avoid these questions and to take immediate action if/when your website does go offline.

To get started with UptimeRobot just:

  1. Sign up for a free account.
  2. Add a new monitor – HTTP(s)
  3. Enter your friendly name – for example, ours would be CHDA.
  4. Enter your Domain name in the URL or IP section.
  5. Change the monitor interval to your desired time. We would recommend every 30 mins as to avoid UptimeRobot pinging your website too much but if you feel you need it more frequent, fire away!
  6. Just double-check your email is selected so you can receive email updates if/when your site goes down.

That’s it. You’re all set up.

If you’re experiencing downtime too often and it’s affecting your business you might need to change web hosting providers. If you haven’t a breeze how to go about that you can get in touch with us and we’d be happy to help you out.

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