A Big Mistake Business Owners Make With Their Website

Is your website built on WordPress? If so, find out what mistake you might be making with your website.

Hey, Curtis here and today I want to share with you one big mistake that business owners make when it comes to their websites.

Firstly, did you know that 35% of all websites are made with WordPress? 

WordPress is the most dominant Content Management System available so it’s easy to understand why so many business owners use WordPress.

Having a WordPress website makes things a hell of a lot easier when it comes to updating and managing your website when compared to a more manual hardcoded website.

That doesn’t mean you build a WordPress website and then just leave it alone. Your website needs to be updated regularly to avoid issues. That is the big mistake. Having a great website and not maintaining it.

Don’t expect to pay for a website and never have to invest in it again, it’s an on-going cost. Websites are not a set-it-and-forget-it thing. Be wary of someone who is proposing to build you a website and not mentioning an ongoing maintenance fee. It could be a hidden cost or you could be left searching for someone else to carry out your ongoing maintenance.

And besides all the technical stuff, what happens when you want to change something on your website? Say you offer a new service, you have a new location, or you’ve simply updated your phone number. How do you keep the information on your website correct? These are some reasons which can quickly cause your website to become useless.

As a digital agency owner, I often meet business owners who have outdated websites and when we log in to their website I see how neglected the backend is. Issues like this can cause your website to go offline completely.

When your website goes offline that means having potential customers that are visiting your website being shown an error page. And what do you think they do when they see this error screen? They click back to Google and go to your competitor’s website. This mistake means you’re taking potential revenue from your business and giving it to your competitor. To make things worse, search engines like Google penalise your website for giving their users a bad experience. So even when you sort your website out and get things back up and running, you then have to fight an uphill battle to regain your search result position.

Once again, this is one big mistake I see business owners making but you wouldn’t be the only one who is making this mistake. It’s easy to forget about these things when you’re constantly putting out fires all day.

If you don’t have the time or you’re looking for someone to manage your website get in touch with us today and have peace of mind that your online presence is being looked after by people who care.



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