We create UNIQUE Social Media Advertising Campaigns That Drive Trackable ROI.

Social Media Advertising AGENCY DUBLIN

The evolution of Social Media was so unexpected that most people don’t even believe in its strength and power. Once upon a time, it was just a way of sharing your favourite cute cat pictures with people you haven’t seen in 10 years, now it has evolved into the most effective and affordable way to get new customers, maintain existing customers and boost your revenue.

Presenting your story, your content and your product/service in an emotive way has the potential to not just build loyalty, but affection. All of our strategies are aimed at creating that super-strong relationship between your business and your target market. A brand wingman, perhaps.

We focus on what your target audience wants to read/watch/see because that’s what the algorithms focus on too. The result is cheaper client acquisition, a better understanding of your customers and, of course, more sales.


The best thing about Social Media Advertising? Well, it’s that it works. Having a Paid Social Media strategy is an ideal way of getting your business’s products and services out to new audiences. Taking advantage of these advertising platforms will help you grow your business.The technology behind these platforms is so sophisticated it gives us great ability to reach any type of person who uses them. Whatever your business objective is, be it brand awareness or drive sales. We’ll create the perfect strategy for your business and then execute it to reach your desired goals.

Our team can help you run paid social media campaigns with:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • Snapchat Ads
  • Spotify Ads

Examples of Social Media AD Content We Create

To give you a feel for the type of content we create for our current clients have a swipe around below at some of the organic Facebook posts and paid Instagram Ads